Northfield Car Care Centre


Northfield Car Care Centre Service

We have a few options for car servicing. Servicing your car every year or after 12,000 miles can keep your car running at maximum efficiency and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Full Car Service
Full car servicing ensures that all parts of your vehicle are check by our mechanics.

Interim Car Service
If you cover a large number of miles per annum, having one service may not be enough. An interim service will help to look after your vehicle between each full service.

Oil Change
Having your car's oil changed will help to keep your engine working longer and more efficiently.


Northfield Car Care Centre MOT

Our MOT centre can carry out any works needed to ensure that your car passes it's MOT.


Northfield Car Care Centre Bodywork

Damage to your car's bodywork not only affects its overall appearance but could also be hiding further damage that could compromise the safety of the vehicle.

Whether scratched or cracked we can restore it to its original state.

We can restore paintwork from dents to rustspots or chips using a wide range of methods including panel preparation.

Damage to alloy wheels, if not repaired, couuld lead to cracks and pose a risk to the overall safety of the car. Our experts can restore them back to their original state.

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